5-Day Everybody Can Yoga Mini Journey

Yes, even if you don't think you can do yoga.
ESPECIALLY if you don't think you can do yoga!

The images of people doing yoga in magazines, social media, websites and videos show unattainable versions of poses for the majority of us. They fail to show that yoga is
much more than pretzel poses and cool pictures.

These images discourage people from trying yoga. People think that because they're
not flexible, thin or body-abled, they cannot do yoga. That is untrue.
You are enough. You CAN do yoga.

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By The End Of This Mini Journey
You Will Learn:
You don't need to be flexible, thin or young to do yoga
How to make some time to breathe
That yoga is more than fancy poses
How you can create a yoga practice that works for YOU
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During this journey, you will discover how you can make a yoga practice a reality in your life!

We will get together every day for a few minutes where I will share a Tip of the Day and we will do a mini practice together. No mat required, if you have a body, you can do the practice. I'm bringing it back to the basics so it is an accessible practice for all.

And just for signing up and doing our daily mini practices (live or replay) you can win a 45 min private class with me!

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Your Yoga Guide:

Founder of Joy For All Bodies

I help people discover that yoga is much more than the poses,
that it IS an accessible practice to them.

I have been a yoga teacher for over a decade and I am extremely passionate about helping people enjoy the benefits of yoga. I started my yoga practice to improve my posture. I soon discovered that I could achieve moments of quiet while on my mat. It was the first time I had experienced that kind of peace.

Through my years of practice, various yoga trainings, injuries and body changes, I've developed
an ample vocabulary of ways to adapt poses so you are able to connect
to your breath and to that moment of quiet.

I invite you to take a seat and take breath with me.
I cannot wait to share this with you.
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As a slightly bigger, middle aged guy starting yoga in his fifties, I can safely say I was nervous. My fears quickly eroded in the first class. Varenka not only made me feel comfortable but also dismissed the misconceptions on what yoga was. After day one I felt that I could do it! Varenka believes anyone can do yoga. Throughout the classes I’ve learned more about what yoga is about and how to apply it to different life situations. It makes going to the dentist easier (breathing and relaxing) and hiking (flexibility) to mention a few. Her accepting easy going approach to the discipline had me returning to classes on a regular basis. I look forward to future classes!
Jack Tieleman
Long term yoga student
Varenka was my very first introduction to yoga in 2009. Before the class, I was stiff and sore. I was limited in mobility, and Varenka was very attuned to my needs as well as the needs of everybody else in the class. After that class and all the following classes, I was amazed at how much more movement I had in my legs and my hips.
It was such a big eye opener of how yoga can help me, especially when presented to me in the right way and Varenka did an amazing job at sharing her knowledge and her understanding in a way that I was able to receive it and feel comfortable doing so.
So thank you, Varenka.
I really appreciate all the work you've done and anybody who takes your classes are super fortunate. And I just want to thank you again.
Kevin Brightside
Former yoga student

There is so much more to yoga than poses, yoga pants and social media posts.
Join me on this journey and discover the possibilities.

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