Varenka Jeevani Schwarz (she/her)

500 RYT, 500 CYA-E-RYT

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I have a BA in Psychology and I am a licensed Early Childhood Educator. I moved to Canada in 2005 and shortly after, I found Yoga. It started as an attempt to improve my posture, and it became so much more. It helped me find moments of quiet that translated into a more peaceful living. I have been practicing and teaching for over 12 years and I love sharing this gift with people of all ages and abilities.

I have grown frustrated with the lack of representation of different bodies, genders and clothing in the mainstream media when it comes to fitness, health, wellness and yoga, so I decided to start Joy For All Bodies to offer options to people that want to do yoga but don’t know how to make it work for themselves.

I think my experience and training have made me a better teacher, with a greater understanding of the different bodies, capabilities and challenges that affect people physically and mentally.  I have gathered a wide vocabulary of variations and expressions to be able to adapt poses and I am excited to share it with you.

One of my main mantras for life is: “When everything else fails, just breathe”

Throughout my life, I’ve always been drawn to the world of children. I have 17 years of experience working with children and teens wearing a wide arrange of hats: psychologist, English teacher, Early Childhood Educator, and support worker. I have taught classes to children, families, in daycares, schools and community events. I love sharing yoga with children because they continue to inspire me and teach me about the silliness, joy and challenges of life.

I also really love teaching AcroYoga and Mandala Rock Painting workshops. In my free time, I love exploring the outdoors, running, hiking, canoeing and making delicious food with my husband and our fur babies.

Certifications in Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT):

  • 2008 – Hatha and Classical Ashtanga Yoga – Saltspring Centre of Yoga – 200 hours
  • 2011  – Prenatal Yoga – Saltspring Centre of Yoga – 29 hours
  • 2012, 2013 – Children and Family Yoga – Rainbow Kids Yoga (Now, rainbow Yoga) – 30 hours
  • 2014 – Chair Yoga – Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga – 30 hours
  • 2016 – Traditional Tantra Yoga – Shri Kali Ashram , Goa, India – 300 hours
  • 2018 – Yin Yoga – OmTown Yoga Studio – 50 hours
  • 2018 – AcroYoga – Vancity Acro – 80 hours

I am deeply grateful for the guidance and support from all my teachers and students.

“Teach to learn” ~ Baba Hari Dass