Yoga for Children, Tweens, Teens and Families

I like to provide yoga classes that present, in a fun and  creative way, the sweetness of yoga. I support the  growth and connection of children and families through  play, partner/group poses and lots of laughter. We also  explore movement, breath, co-creation, crafts, music  and any other inspiring methods that will help us be our best selves.

Yoga creates a nurturing atmosphere that helps children and families relax and have fun. Yoga also helps develop physical and emotional strength, body and breath awareness, as well as improve balance, flexibility, focus and self-confidence.


  • I offer tailored yoga programs for children ages 3 – 12, tweens and teens.
  • Sessions are provided to daycare centres, schools, afterschool programs or right in your home (can be set up via Zoom due to COVID-19)
  • Zoom live classes coming soon!

To learn more about the benefits of yoga for children, families and much more! Please read:

“We asked Jake what he liked about family yoga and these are the words of a five year old- Number one was Varenka- He thought you were fun and nice, number two was going on imaginary adventures and I asked what he  learned from yoga and he said balance and breathing. From the adult perspective, it was a fun way to play together, let go of our inhibitions and try something new.  We knew it was a great activity to be involved in when Jake asked constantly when the next class was going to be.”