Do you feel like you don't belong in a yoga studio?
Imagine how great it would feel to safely practice yoga in the privacy of your home while honoring your body and finding peace of mind.
Do you want to try yoga but find studios impersonal
and not able to fit your needs or you worry
you might even get injured

Have you ever walked into a yoga studio and felt like the odd one out?

Everyone looks similar, they seem to understand all the instructions
the teacher gives and they are flexible.

The teacher doesn’t know your name, nor check on you, offer ideas on how to adjust poses so that your practice is right for your body or they completely ignore you.

You end up feeling discouraged and left out.

Maybe you attended a class with an existing injury,
and the lack of options for the poses caused you further damage,
or maybe you hurt yourself in class and now are worried to try it again.

You really do want to experience the benefits you have heard people can get from doing yoga.

The online classes and yoga videos you have found are too fast paced.
You are not sure you are doing it “right” and you have a
hard time committing to do it consistently.

Worry no more! Joy For All Bodies is here to help you.
Joy for All Bodies is an online community that celebrates everyone’s uniqueness.
We value our differences and want you to succeed.

Through live pose breakdown workshops and live classes,
you’ll build the knowledge and skills
needed to make yoga work for YOU,
so you can connect with your breath, manage your stress,
reduce pain, and find a spark of calm in your life
Isn’t that what we all want?

The classes provide a wide variety of options for each pose
to suit your body shape, size, and abilities.

The class will be privately viewed in that there will be no gallery view.
You won’t see others, and they won’t see you.
Instead, I will be the one observing so that I can best assist you
as you move through your practice.
You will be present without worrying about what others think! 

There will be other opportunities within the membership
to connect with other Adaptable Yogis and have group discussions
regarding the practical applications of yoga to real life.

Our communication is permeated with
compassion, empathy, kindness, patience, sensitivity, and gratitude.

Joy For All Bodies will support you through private calls, group classes and discussions to understand how to make each pose work for your body.
It will help you connect with your breath and with other people.

You will be empowered to create a yoga practice that works for you
on the mat (or chair) and in everyday life situations.
This way, you can reap the benefits of yoga and be connected with yourself and others.

Joy For All Bodies is an accessible program that offers
one on one connection with the teacher for a tailored experience,
where you can check in, ask questions and be fully supported in your practice.

“As soon as a person starts thinking,
'I want to be a better person',
that is the start of Yoga.”

— Baba Hari Dass, Yoga Guru

Hola, I am Varenka and I am very happy you are here!

I help people discover that yoga is much more than the poses,
that it IS an accessible practice to them.

I am a an inclusive and body positive yoga teacher. I have taught and practiced yoga
for over 15 years and I am extremely passionate about
helping people enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Through my years of practice, various yoga trainings, injuries and body changes,
I've developed an ample vocabulary of ways to adapt poses
so you are able to connect to your breath
and to that moment of quiet. So you can go deeper in your practice.

I invite you to take a seat and
take breath with me.

I cannot wait to share this journey with you.

- 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Classical Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Systems
-Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Outreach Core Training on Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Yin Yoga Teacher Training
What will you get from joining this community?

Joy For All Bodies is about celebrating your practice as you are.
Everyone is welcome. It is not about how flexible,
or how strong you are, it is about making yoga available to all different abilities.

It opens a space for you to connect with others that
might have the same issues and reservations towards yoga.

You get to support each other in becoming adaptable yogis and adaptable human beings.

It empowers you to be able to practice yoga in a way that serves you.
It helps you to get to know your own body and your own pace
so you can create a joyful practice that works for YOU.

Joy For All Bodies breaks barriers for you to access yoga.
It demystifies the practice and helps you bring it to life in everyday situations.


Receive personalized attention to support your practice so that you're honoring your needs and receiving the most benefit


Build knowledge on how to adapt poses to suit your needs. This way, you will be able to practice yoga anywhere!


Learn tools to bring the yoga practice off the mat and let the benefits positively impact your everyday life


Connect with your breath, to help you slow down and connect with your body


Connect with others and belong to a community that is diverse and inclusive


Create more peace of mind so you can live a life where you can choose how to act, instead of simply reacting


Manage your pain so you can enjoy activities in your life


Increase flexibility (in your body AND your mind) so you can ride the waves of life

What students have to say
"Varenka is my introduction to yoga. From day one I loved being in Varenka’s presence. She understands yoga as a way of being and is able to share that wisdom through her teaching. She is calm, warm, respectful, and very accommodating to everyone’s personal abilities. I have enjoyed in-person group classes, private sessions, and private Zoom sessions and have learned so much about being present in the moment. Time on my yoga mat has become my daily morning routine that helps me reflect on my intention for the day. Yoga has also played an enormous role in my ability to address ongoing back and neck issues. Varenka is not the only yoga teacher I have had, but the only yoga teacher I always will return to. Thank you Varenka for guiding me to the practice of yoga."
Tina Fabbro | Long term yoga student
"The very first yoga class I ever did was in 2009, and the instructor was Varenka. Before the class, I was stiff and sore. I was limited in mobility, and Varenka was very attuned to my needs as well as the needs of everybody else in the class. And after that class and after all the following classes, I was amazed at how much more movement I had instantly within my legs, within my hips.
It was such a big eye opener of how yoga can help me, especially when presented to me in the right way and Varenka did an amazing job at sharing her knowledge and her understanding in a way that I was able to receive it and feel comfortable doing so. Ever since that first initial experience of doing yoga with Varenka, I became a yoga instructor myself.
I went to India to learn and I taught classes here in Canada. And if it wasn't for Varenka's ability to really connect with me through her classes and for me to have those profound shifts right at the beginning, I don't think that anyone I don't think that would have happened at all. So thank you, Varenka.
I really appreciate all the work you've done and anybody who takes your classes are super fortunate. And I just want to thank you again."
Kevin Brightside | Former Yoga Student
"As a slightly bigger, middle aged guy starting yoga in his fifties, I can safely say I was nervous. My fears quickly eroded in the first class. Varenka not only made me feel comfortable but also dismissed the misconceptions on what yoga was. After day one I felt that I could do it! Varenka believes anyone can do yoga. Throughout the classes I’ve learned more about what yoga is about and how to apply it to different life situations. It makes going to the dentist easier (breathing and relaxing) and hiking (flexibility) to mention a few. Her accepting easy going approach to the discipline had me returning to classes on a regular basis. I look forward to future classes!"
Jack Tieleman | Long term yoga student
What is included in your membership?
Monthly One-on-one Calls
We will have a Welcome CalI before we get started with your classes. You will be able to book a call every month to connect.

It is a great opportunity to feel supported and ask questions in a private manner.
2 Weekly LIVE Yoga Practice
These classes will run from September to June
LIVE every week on Pacific time:

Tuesday 6-6:45 pm
Thursday 8-8:30 am

2 Sangha Calls (Community Calls)
These will be a chance to connect during the summer months.
We will gather to discuss a topic and ask questions.
Library Of Recordings
- Access to all the replays for Practices and all the reviews of Poses!
Great resource to use during July and August.
Variety of formats for accessibility
- Audio only replay for classes.
- Downloadable resources.
- Over 30 poses with handouts to find the option that works for you!
Privacy for your practice
Feel safe  and comfortable practicing. The students cannot see each other, and I can see everyone to give feedback.

Download the latest Zoom version to access this feature.
Supportive Community
You'll be part of a community of Adaptable Yogis that are becoming knowledgeable and empowered to adjust their practice to their own body. Join the private Facebook group to continue these conversations.
Weekly Action Steps
We'll try out practical ways to bring your yoga practice off the mat between classes:
- Practice breathing while in a line up,
- Notice your self talk,
- Sit up tall.
This will make a positive difference in every area of your life from career to relationships to everything in between.
Become knowledgeable and empowered to practice yoga
Benefits of Joy For All Bodies
The personalized connection with the instructor allows for a tailored practice, like a private teacher, but affordable
You will connect with your body so you can learn what is your pace for the practice
You will learn tools to manage stress and pain
You will learn how yoga is much more than poses we do on the mat, it's about how we live.
You will become more knowledgeable in how to adapt poses.
You will understand how yoga can be applied in your everyday life.
You will get to know your body, connect with it, with your breath, and with others.

If you work on yoga,
yoga will work on you

- Baba Hari Dass

"When I leave the class, I feel like a puddle."
Rae Lynn | Yoga Student

I want yoga to be accessible to everyone. All my classes are offered on a sliding-scale, so you can pay what works for you. Not sure where you land on the scale? Check this resource (

I have created three payment tiers to provide guidance, and you can see all of your payment options below:

Your contributions help cover the cost of running the classes and the overhead involved.

Cancel at any time. Minimum commitment for 1 month.

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You deserve the opportunity to take care of
yourself and to be supported

Group yoga classes or classes in a studio are impersonal and not accessible
for people with a variety of abilities, injuries, health issues, body shapes, and sizes.

This program will support you through private calls, breakdown of poses,
group classes, and discussions to understand how to make each pose work for your body,
help you connect with your breath, with yourself and with others.

Imagine how good it will feel to create a yoga practice that works for you on and off the mat. You will reap the benefits of yoga by connecting with yourself and deepen your connection with others. You’ll feel supported and empowered.
I believe yoga is for everyone.
No person should feel judged when coming into a yoga space.

I am a strong advocate for accessibility
and I will help you as much as I can to tailor your practice
so you can enjoy your life,
live less stressed and

This is my life and my focus, to help you:
- Create more peace of mind
- Manage your pain
- Increase flexibility (in your body AND your mind)

And the best part? You’ll feel like you belong at
any yoga class because you know how to adapt poses
and make the practice work for YOU.

I will show you how you CAN do yoga, so you can live feeling stress-free, connected to your body and no longer waiting for something to change.

This is an opportunity to slow down and take care of yourself.

You have nothing to lose, except for stress and tightness!

When everything else fails, just breathe.

I'm looking forward to breathing with you as this is the basis of life.

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